Motorcycle License Types

You must hold a current driving license or a learner permit before driving any vehicle in a public place. You can only drive the type of vehicle for which you hold a license/permit. You must carry your license/permit at all times.

You can take Initial Basic Training courses on vehicles in these license categories:

Category A
IBT Training Course:
Motorcycles Motorcycle (All tricycles and light quadricycles)

Category A2
Maximum Power rating of 35Kw
IBT Training Course Large Motorcycles35Kw Restricted (Tricycles less than 15 kW and light quadricycle)

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Category A1
Maximum Engine size of 125cc
IBT Training Course Small MotorcyclesMotorcycle (Tricycles less than 15kW and light quadricycle

Category AM
Maximum Engine size of 50cc
IBT Training Course Small MotorcyclesMoped (Tricycles with a design speed not exceeding 45km/h Iight quadricycle; whose unladen mass is not more than 400kg and whose maximum net engine power does not exceed 15 kW)

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