IBT Training

Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a mandatory training course that teaches basic riding skills to learner motorcyclists.

It is part of the RSA's Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme and is intended to improve road safety.

IBT is a 16-18 hour course broken into four separate modules to be completed in sequence. These modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills.

Exam Pre-Test

We would advise you to take your pre-test course within two weeks of your test date.

A pre-test lesson is a minimum of 2 Hours.

The test itself is approximately 50 minutes duration and is designed to determine that you:

  • Know the rules of the road.
  • Possess the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with those rules.
  • Can perform technical checks on your vehicle.
  • Drive with proper regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.


This course is aimed at a person who can ride a bike or is getting back to biking after a long break.

You may need a refresher to build your confidence if you've had one too many near misses or you are having problems with negotiating the bends on country roads for example.

This course teaches a system of Motorcycle Control, which will provide a way of approaching and negotiating hazards that is methodical, safe and leaves nothing to chance.

Using the system will help to give you calm control of your machine, and a more enjoyable and safer ride. This course is a min. 2hrs.


This course is aimed at riders who wish to take the R.O.S.P.A and the IAM test, or just wish to improve their road craft.

The benefits of this course include safe and enjoyable riding, better control and a reduced insurance premium.

The aim of the advanced riding course is to improve your road craft and to improve the skill and safety of your riding so that you can make the best use of road and traffic conditions.

An accident or near miss usually represents a loss of control and a lapse of riding skill. This course is a min. 3hrs.

Course & Test Structure

You will be briefed on how the test will be marked, giving you a clear understanding of how many mistakes you are allowed to make and the severity of those mistakes. You will be given a full explanation of how the test is conducted followed by a demonstration ride which will cover all aspects on which you will be assessed during your test.

These aspects include road positioning, overtaking, anticipation and observation, proper use of your controls, executing a U-turn, etc. You will then ride out in front and with the use of radio contact we will identify any mistakes made by you as they occur. This will allow you to recognise your faults immediately and correct them on the move. At the end I will give you a full debrief on how you got on and what areas you will need to concentrate on between now and your test.

  • All courses start with a safety brief.
  • The course is run in an informal and friendly manner and tailored to suit your needs.
  • Before commencing any course your documentation will be checked: License, Permit, Insurance, Tax etc.
  • You will be invited to check the Instructor's ADI Permit.
  • Your bike must be in a road worthy condition.
  • All trainees must wear an "L" plate and high visibility vest.

  • All road training will be conducted with Radio Contact
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